A Good Run of Bad Luck
Season Three, Episode Seventeen
Air date April 11, 2014
Written by Sarah Kucserka & Veronica West
Directed by Ricardo Mendez Matta
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A Good Run of Bad Luck is the 17th episode of season Three and thus 61st overall of Hart of Dixie

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Zoe thinks she is cursed because she broke the wedding between George and Lemon. George and Lemon cannot stop thinking about sex together. Wade meets Vivian's ex-husband.

Zoe is convinced that she and Lavon are cursed and the only way to make things right is to fix the past. When Vivian's son asks Wade for some advice, he is happy to help, but not everyone is excited about his methods. After an unplanned encounter, George and Lemon try to avoid each other, but it is more difficult now that they are business partners. Meanwhile, AnnaBeth is getting fed up with one of Brick's patients, Davis, until she learns the real reason behind his ailments.

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