Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
Season Two, Episode Seven
BDGHOM 4.jpg
Air date November 20, 2012
Written by Carter Covington
Directed by Michael Schultz
US Viewers 1.23
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I Walk the Line
Achy Breaky Hearts

I Walk the Line is the seventh episode of Season Two and the twenty-eighth episode of the series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

A LITTLE ROMANCE GOES A LONG WAY / GUEST STAR OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST MCKAYLA MARONEY — After Zoe (Rachel Bilson) treats the high school football team, she learns that Max (guest star Nicholas Podany), who happens to be Rose’s (guest star McKaley Miller) new crush, has become infatuated with her instead. Eager to nip his crush in the bud, Zoe learns that Max is prone to overreacting to heartbreak and is encouraged by the town to wait until after the big game, as they are counting on him to win. Lemon (Jaime King) decides to start a catering business and asks AnnaBeth (guest star Kaitlyn Black) to join, but Lemon is taken aback by her answer. Meanwhile, Lavon (Cress Williams) tries to win over Ruby’s (guest star Golden Brooks) grandfather Sergeant Jeffries (guest star Charlie Robinson) by doing his chores, but Lavon finds out there is another reason her grandfather doesn’t want them together. Scott Porter, Wilson Bethel, and Tim Matheson also star. Michael Schultz directed the episode written by Carter Covington.

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Zoe: I'm just saying I want something other than your key to start my engine.
Zoe: They're my favourite things in the world and now they're gone.
Wade Kinsella: I thought that about tube tops, but they made a comeback.
Delivery boy: I've got a delivery for....
Rose: Oh my god, how much allowance does that kid get?!

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