A proud and powerful group. Goes back two hundred years.
The Belles are a group of elite young ladies chosen to keep the history of Bluebell, Alabama, alive. The Belles take their roles very seriously, and participate in a number of town traditions and events. Like the founders day parade.



  • Saying: "I am a belle, a southern belle, a Dixie belle, a 'bama belle, and I have secrets I won't tell. If y'all don't like it, go to hello soldier, what's your pleasure?" (Hell's Belles)
  • Prospective Belles previously had to go through a period of initiation, sometimes referred to as Hell Week.
    • Lemon Breeland attempted to reinstate this initiation process when Zoe Hart decided to join the Belles. As part of Zoe's Hell Week, she completed rites including performing as each Belle's servant for a while, squeezing lemons, giving massages, washing AnnaBeth's car, washing dogs, doing laundry with a washboard, and singing Dixie anytime the word "honey" is used (Hell's Belles).
    • According to Crickett (who was told by her mother), Hell Week was stopped in the 1970s when three girls nearly drowned getting their riverboat paddling.
  • The 'Mobile Marigolds' are a rival group.


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