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The second entry on AnnaBeth's Blog, featured on the Bluebell Website.

Bidding for a Doggone Good Cause - The Memory Matrons' Silent Auction[]

by AnnaBeth

I was as shocked and relieved as the next Belle to discover that one need not be silent at a silent auction. I mean, how in the world are you supposed to strategize about how to keep a certain greedy you-know-who from snapping up all the good items if you have to keep as quiet as a sinner in church?! But bless the Lord, BlueBell’s first silent auction was a huge smash! Since we were raising money for a cause near and dear to my heart – Homeless Hunting Hounds of the Hurricane Coast, I was quite elated to find my husband in such an agreeable mood for this event. The Memory Matrons collected some incredible donations from the community – enough pies, cakes, custards, and other delicious desserts to fatten a pig for Christmas; spa treatments from Susie’s; beautiful – and super duper old – antiques; tickets to the Alabama Ballet in Mr. Dash DeWitt’s luxury box; a dolphin watching cruise, complete with a romantic sunset dinner, from Coach’s Cruises; and a six-night stay at the Fletchers’ summer time share in the Florida Keys.

Even though I was outbid on Helen Webster’s antique diamond and sapphire brooch, I couldn’t be more tickled that Lemon Breeland won it. And she was right, it really does compliment her fair complexion. I’m more of an Autumn, anyway. But I didn’t leave empty-handed. I convinced my darling hubby to let me adopt the most precious coonhound pup. He wants to call her Bear, after the great Alabama Coach Bear Bryant, but I think she looks more like a Sugar. I’m sure you’d agree with me!