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Burt Reynolds
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Burt Reynolds is Mayor Lavon Hayes' pet alligator. He was named after an actor in Lavon's favorite movie, 'Smokey and the Bandit'.

Pet of the Week[]

Burt Reynolds was also featured on the Bluebell, Alabama town website as Pet of the Week. The article was posted as follows:

Burt Reynolds

Son of Mayor Lavon Hayes

Birthday: April 8th

Favorite Food: Snails, crickets and gar. Also, leftovers from the Rammer Jammer (when lucky!)

Favorite Activity: Swimming in the swamp

Favorite BlueBell spot: My backyard!

Favorite Sports Team: Alabama Crimson Tide

Favorite Movie: Smokey and the Bandit (it’s where I got my name from)

Favorite Fellow Alligator: Wally Gator

Favorite Quote: “Never insult an alligator until you’ve crossed the river.”