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Crickett Watts is a friend of Lemon Breeland and AnnaBeth Nass.

Storylines[edit | edit source]

Crickett is often seen at Belle events. She believed that Lemon cursed her and the other Belles in Hell's Belles, so that no one could get pregnant before her, and asked Zoe for help. She tries hard to please everyone, mostly Lemon, who puts her down most of the time, and is seen as a dumb blonde in the group.

She is seen in The Kiss where she was supposed to be Juliet, but failed to because of poor acting talents. She was replaced by Wanda, Tansy, Zoe, Wanda again, and, finally, Zoe. She is also seen in If Tomorrow Never Comes, where she is interrupted by AnnaBeth while giving a speech about calendar protocol.

Crickett became Head Belle in the episode On The Road Again. This has put a strain on her relationship with Lemon and AnnaBeth. Crickett is possibly being manipulated by Tara Jean, one of the Baker sisters. In Act Naturally, she is recalled as leader of the Belles, losing the position to AnnaBeth; however, AnnaBeth only accepts on the condition that Crickett be her co-leader. As a result, both Crickett and AnnaBeth lead the Belles.

Romantic Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Crickett is currently divorced from Stanley Watts, who was of questionable sexuality. (Friends in Low Places).
  • At her vow renewal ceremony, Crickett came out as a lesbian, and the show ends with Crickett in a serious relationship with Jayseane Charles

Involvement[edit | edit source]

  • She's a member of the Belles and the current co-leader of the Belles.
  • She's a member of the Mobile Bay Memory Matrons.

Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Crickett is a really strong woman (If Tomorrow Never Comes).
  • Crickett is the first Belle to ever speak at a meeting after Lemons speech (Faith & Infidelity) and is the only Belle besides Annabeth and Lemon to speak at all through the first two seasons.
  • Crickett, like Annabeth, never wears pants, only dresses.
  • Crickett did not attend Lemon's bachelorette party (Bachelorettes & Bullets).
  • Crickett believes in psychics (Where I Lead Me).
  • Crickett was not seen at Tom and Wanda's wedding even though she was invited.
  • Crickett is the only woman on the show currently besides Wanda who is married.
  • Crickett's full name is Crickett Belinda Watts (Help Me Make It Through The Night).
  • Crickett is the only Belle to ever host a meeting in her home (If Tomorrow Never Comes). Every other meeting is at Lemon's house or at the Rammer Jammer. 
  • Crickett and Lemon have been friends since the third grade (Help Me Make It Through The Night).

[edit | edit source]

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