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Didi moved to Bluebell, Alabama from Georgia in 2011, about a month before Dr. Brick Breeland hired her as receptionist at his medical practice. Soon after beginning her new job, Lemon Breeland, feeling threatened by Didi's budding flirtation with Mayor Lavon Hayes, befriended Didi and found her a job in Montgomery, Alabama at a law firm for more pay. When Lavon discovered Lemon's actions, he in turn found Didi work as an assistant for George Tucker, Bluebell's town lawyer, a job Didi happily took because she wanted to remain in Bluebell. (Gumbo & Glory)


Al O'GradyEdit

Al and Didi dated for five years. It's unclear why they broke up, but a few months after Didi moved to Bluebell, Al followed in the hopes that he would win her back.


Lavon HayesEdit

Lavon, after recovering from his nervousness, finally managed to get up the courage to ask Didi out- and even arranged a job for her at George Tucker's firm so she could remain in Bluebell, to make a relationship between them possible. (Gumbo & Glory)

However, the two only had one unfortunate date at Fancie's where Lavon tossed around the ideas of being soul mates, and a double wedding, before Didi made it clear she had little interest in seeing Lavon again. Later, when Lavon attempted to befriend Didi again, she responded with "Friends? How can I be your friend when I know you want to marry me?" (Hell's Belles).

Her belief that Lavon was genuinely in love with her, and meant every word he'd said at Fancie's led to a great deal of difficulty for Lavon - every woman in Bluebell refused to date him either because they were friends with Didi, or because they had heard he was in love with her. Ultimately, Lavon approached Didi to apologize, and confessed that his behavior on their first date was a result of having too much to drink and being slightly overzealous at trying to get over someone, and asked her to set things right with the women in town so he could date again. To this, Didi responded that if Lavon "wasn't all Looney Tunes" she wanted to go out with him herself" (Hell's Belles). Despite difficulties in the form of Didi's ex, Al O'Grady and the Sweetie Pie Dance, the two worked things out and began a relationship.  However, Lavon breaks-up with Didi and Didi hasn't been seen since Snowflakes & Soulmates (Episode 1.15).


  • Didi had a bad experience with a llama when she was eight. (Hell's Belles)