Disaster Drills and Departures
Season One, Episode 21
Hart of dixie 1x21 Zoe and father.jpg
Air date May 7, 2012
Written by Donald Todd
Directed by Jeremiah Chechik
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Disaster, Drills & Departures is the 21st episode of Season One, thus the 21st episode overall. 

Summary[edit | edit source]

GARY COLE RETURNS AS ZOE’S FATHER, ETHAN HARTZoe (Rachel Bilson) blames herself when one of her friends faces a health crisis and she didn’t notice the symptoms. With much encouragement from Lavon (Cress Williams), Wade (Wilson Bethel) explores the idea of opening his own bar in Bluebell. Meanwhile, Lemon (Jaime King) plans a romantic night for George (Scott Porter), hoping to get their relationship back on track. Gary Cole returns as Zoe’s father, Ethan Hart. Tim Matheson also stars. Jeremiah Chechik directed the episode written by executive producer Donald Todd.

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  • 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas'

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Zoe: "Coming here caused enough drama- I don't need to make a big exit, too."

Zoe: "It's like an infection down here. Caring? Sucks!"

Zoe: "I'm not great with goodbyes, so I decided to stay."

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Hart of Dixie 1x21 EXTENDED Promo "Disaster Drills & Departures" HD

Hart of Dixie 1x21 EXTENDED Promo


Hart of Dixie 1x21 Producers Preview

Hart of Dixie 1x21 Producers Preview

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