Every month, Earl cashes a government check and heads straight for the liquor store- and every month, his son sings him down.
Earl Kinsella
Earl Kinsella
Vietnam veteran

Portrayed by
Christopher Curry
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'Crazy Earl' Kinsella: Bluebell's 'town drunk'.

Family[edit | edit source]

Earl has two sons; Wade, who often provides his father with money for food and clothes, and has expressed a desire for his father to be able to 'stand on his own two feet', and Jesse, who joined the US military and no longer lives in Bluebell, though he still thinks of his father (once buying him a car as a birthday gift, much to Wade's dismay, their father being the town drunk).

Jesse and Wade don't get along, and it has been indicated that Earl didn't necessarily do right by his sons while they were growing up, and their relationship is clearly strained. However, Earl clearly cares what his sons think, to the point where he was going to sell the land he so adamantly wanted to leave to his boys because Wade wanted him to be able 'to stand on his own two feet for once', as well as drunkenly climbing roofs and only allowing Wade to sing him down.

Wade has also made reference to an Uncle Mo (Gumbo & Glory) though it is unclear if it is a paternal uncle, and a brother of Earl's.

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Takes blood pressure medicine. (Hell's Belles)
  • Worked on a fishing boat with Todd Gainey Sr. when his boys were young. (The Crush & The Crossbow)
  • Apparently, Earl has less of a need for money than his sons may realize - stashing it all in jars buried in his yard. (Hell's Belles) - Because his wish to leave his land to his sons, he might actually be creating a hidden treasure for his family.
  • He is able to play Santa Claus when Zoe inadvertenly allows the original person playing Santa to go on vacation.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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