Friends In Low Places
Season Three, Episode Two
Air date October 14, 2013
Written by Leila Gerstein
Directed by Elodie Keene
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Friends In Low Places is the second episode of Season Three and thus 46th episode overall of Hart of Dixie.

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Lavon and AnnaBeth invite Zoe and Joel (JOSH COOKE) over for a quiet dinner, but when Lemon invites herself and Alabama's most eligible bachelor (RYAN McPARTLIN), things go awry.

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Lemon is still “releasing some pressure” with Meatball once in a while and at the same time she is faking a relationship with Wade, to protect his feeling and annoy Zoe  and everything is ok until Meatball finds out about her and Wade. When we least expect Lemon meets Carter Covington of the Birmingham Covingtons and her feelings dictate the end of her fake relationship with Wade and her weird affair with Meatball. Zoe is not sure if the relationship between Lemon and Wade is true since almost the beginning of the episode and since that scene where we see Zoe watching her talking, very intimately, with Carter Convington we became almost certain that everything is going to be cleared out in the end. The twist is that we don’t expect it to happen in such a crowded event and because of Joel that helps Zoe unravel the truth  as well as Meatball that does a super-jealous boyfriend scene. Although Zoe tries to show Joel the charms of the town she carries on her heart, and Joel tries to enjoy everything he can, we clearly see that he is not in his environment there. George Tucker really regretted his one-night stand with Lynly even more because he is not used to them and Lavon is not used to someone hurting her little cousin’s feelings. Although it was not a surprise,  Lavon was running up and down searching for the bastard that bothered her princess along with George Tucker who was nothing else than the one who did it. To end with the witch hunt, George runs to Lynly and she agrees that if he helps her with her LSATs she will make Lavon stop. It’s clearly hard to Zoe to admit how deep her feelings for Wade are.  Zoe sees Joel as a safe haven. Her love triangle really tired her and now she feels safe with the one man she knows won’t hurt her and he’s even capable of agree with her plans and theories.

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