† Harley Wilkes
Harley Wilkes
Claire Wilkes Mother

Guy Father/Stepfather
Jacob Wilkes Brother
Brando Wilkes Brother
Olin "Cousin"
Maureen Wilkes Sister or Sister-In-Law
Zoe Hart Daughter
Vivian WIlkes Niece
Harley Wilkes II Great Nephew

Portrayed by
Nicholas Pryor
First Appeared
Last Appeared

Harley Wilkes was a kindly doctor from Bluebell, Alabama.


Harley Wilkes' address in Bluebell, Alabama, according to the postcard sent to Zoe Hart (Pilot) was likely:
308 Hope St.
Bluebell, AL

However, this could be the address for the medical practice.


Harley was a beloved doctor in Bluebell, Alabama, treating families at his practice for 45 years. At some point, he began a partnership with Dr. Brick Breeland, and the two owned and worked out of the practice together.


Harley had a brother, Jacob Wilkes. (Maureen Wilkes may be a sister of the two, or she may have been Harley's sister-in-law and been married to Jacob.) Claire Wilkes was their mother, and her second husband (though it is unclear whether or not he was Harley and Jacob's father) was named Guy.


As a result of a cruise ship romance in Greece sometime in the 1980s[1] with soon-to-be Mrs. Candice Hart, Harley Wilkes' daughter Zoe Hart was born. (It is as of yet unknown how Harley discovered he had a daughter, since Candice Hart gave no sign to either Zoe or her fiance (later, husband), Mr. Hart, that anything was amiss.)


In 2007, Harley approaches his daughter Zoe Hart, though their relationship remained a secret to her, with a job offer at her graduation from medical school. Despite her refusal, he continued to send her offers via postcard for the next four years.


Zoe finally accepts Harley's offer in September of 2011[2], but upon her arrival in Bluebell, Alabama, she finds that Harley had passed away four months prior, in May, and left his half of the medical practice to Zoe, along with instructions to his secretary, Emmeline Hattenbarger, to continue to send the postcards. Later, Zoe learns from Emmeline that Harley Wilkes was her real father.


  • You can view some of Harley's postcards to Zoe here.
  • Harley received the MOTY award ten years in a row, including 2011. (Tributes & Triangles)
  • According to Brick, Harley once met a guy on a barge on the Nile who took Harley for everything he had in poker, though Harley always said it was worth every cent. (Hell's Belles)
  • Harley lived in Alaska for two years. (Hell's Belles)
  • According to his brother, Brando Wilkes, Harley was a terrible card player.  (Miracles)


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