I'm Moving On
Season Two, Episode 21
Air date April 30, 2013
Written by Donald Todd
Directed by Janice Cooke
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I'm Moving On is the 21st episode of Season Two and the 43rd episode of Hart of Dixie.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

ACCEPTING HELP / ROB HUEBEL ('CHILDRENS HOSPITAL') GUEST STARS - Zoe's (Rachel Bilson) attempts at online dating hit a few snags until Rose (guest star McKaley Miller) and Max (guest star Nicholas Podany) take matters into their own hands and play matchmaker. Faced with yet another set back with the Rammer Jammer, Lemon (Jaime King) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) are close to throwing in the towel. George (Scott Porter) tries everything he can think of to prove to Tansy (guest star Mircea Monroe) that they belong together, but she still has her doubts. Brick (Tim Matheson) and Shelby (guest star Laura Bell Bundy) decide that they might have acted too rashly, which forces them to make a difficult decision about their future together. Meanwhile, Lavon (Cress Williams) refuses AnnaBeth's (guest star Kaitlyn Black) help in stopping the feud with the competing town's Mayor, leaving her to take a different tact.

--Claudia Lee also appears as Magnolia Breeland

Plot[edit | edit source]


Zoe goes to George's houseboat to apologize for coming to him last night.  Tansy sees her leaving and is curious about it.  Tansy gets on a kick of star charts and astrology by the help of Wanda.  Zoe says that she will start doing some online dating.  All of her suitors are not good or turns out to be Meatball.  Max and Rose decide to set Zoe up with Max's father Michael.  On the date, Michael talks about his breakup and about Max.  Michael tells Zoe that he couldn't say no to the date and he doesn't want drama.  Michael leaves to chaperone the prom.  Zoe goes to the prom and interrupts Tansy and George.  She dances with Michael, but he reveals that he doesn't want to be with her because she is too much drama.  Tansy confronts Zoe and causes Zoe to make a scene in front of all of the prom.  Michael kicks Zoe out of prom.  Wade sees Zoe on the front yard of her house and they end sleeping together.

Elsewhere, Shelby and Brick tell Magnolia and Lemon that they are engaged.  The Rammer Jammer starts to have more issues structurally and Lemon decides to go to Brick for a business loan.  However, Brick tells Shelby that she has a say in family matters and Shelby says that Lemon needs to continue to figure out her own issues like she initially wanted.  Brick and Shelby decide to get married outside of Bluebell due to its history of something happening (Lemon's and George's wedding didn't occur at all and Zoe and Wade broke up during Wanda/Tom's wedding).

Lavon spots that there is a dump from the opposing town, Fillmore, right near the border and he decides to retaliate by driving to Fillmore and dump couple bags of garbage on Todd Gainey Sr.'s front lawn.  AnnaBeth sees that Gainey's wife is sensible.  The two opposing mayor's significant others (Bluebell Mayor's girlfriend and Fillmore Mayor's wife) meet at a bar and they come up with a compromise.  However, AnnaBeth reveals that they give up nothing (because a council has deemed the annual fireworks event can not happen) while getting the dump moved.

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Guest Cast[edit | edit source]

  • Nicholas Podany as Max
  • Rob Huebel as Michael (Max's father)
  • Matt Lowe as Meatball

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  • Rose and Max set Zoe up on a date with Max's dad, Michael who isn't on board with Zoe's need for relationship drama. [source]
  • Zoe signs up for an online dating site. The Rammer Jammer is robbed when Wade brings in a repairman to fix some damage. Lavon continues his rivalry with the Mayor of Fillmore while AB tries another approach that involves a resident of Fillmore. [source]
  • Zoe's mature date with Michael brings them to Rose's prom [source]
  • Rob Huebel will be guest starring as Michael [source]

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