I Run To You
Season Three, Episode Seven
Air date November 18, 2013
Written by Sheila R. Lawrence
Directed by Brandi Bradburn
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I Run To You is the seventh episode of Season Three and thus 51st episode overall of Hart of Dixie.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Zoe beings to grow leery of how much time Joel (recurring guest star JOSH COOKE) and Wade hang out, especially when it begins to interfere with Joel's writing. Ready to blame it all on Wade, Zoe does her best to entice Joel back into writing. Lavon is using the excuse of coaching his track team to avoid talking to AnnaBeth. Meanwhile, Lemon encourages Brick to start dating again, and George and Lynly (recurring guest star ANTOINETTE ROBERTSON) discuss whether they want to talk to Lavon about their feelings for each other.

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