Season Four, Episode One
Air date December 15, 2014
Written by Leila Gerstein
Directed by David Paymer
US Viewers 1.22 Million
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Second Chance
The Curling Iron

Kablang is the 1st episode of Season Four and thus 67th overall of Hart of Dixie

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Zoe is excited that Wade has decided to stay in Bluebell. While he is still making it clear that he is not ready to dive back into a relationship with her, it does not stop her from trying to capture his attention. Shelby is back in town and resumes an affair with Brick behind his mother's back. Meanwhile, both George and Lavon are recruited for Bluebell's volunteer fire department and finds themselves partnered up during training. The two begrudgingly bury the hatchet, though they are both still into Lemon. However, Lemon comes back from the singles cruise early with a new boyfriend, Dr. Henry. Wade and Zoe eventually have a one-night stand and a few weeks later, Earl tries to get them back together after Wade still does not want to commit to a relationship. He ends up changing his mind, but when he asks her out, she surprisingly says no and shuts the door on him. After viewing some test results at the clinic, Annabeth assumes that Lemon is pregnant, but when Lemon divulges that she and Henry are just putting on a show to get money from her grandmother, it is revealed that it is Zoe who is actually pregnant.

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