The relationship between Lavon Hayes and Tansy Kinsella.

Season OneEdit

The level of association between Lavon and Tansy prior to the Zoe 's arrival in Bluebell is unclear- both have been Bluebell residents, and both share Wade Kinsella as a common accquaintance. While they clearly have knowledge of one another, how often they interacted, etc. is in question.

However, despite this, Lavon and Tansy formed a friendship when Lavon volunteered his help to Tansy while she attempted to cook dinner for Wade while he participated in the Bluebell Battle. Lavon even took her to the store and introduced her to slice-and-bake cookies. When the pair rain into Wade at The Dixie Stop and Wade canceled dinner plans with Tansy , Lavon felt for Tansy and spoke to Wade about his motives behind canceling.

Tansy later returned to the Mayor's Plantation to thank Lavon for all his help, and to say goodbye because she didn't plan on hanging around in Bluebell anymore. But Lavon insists that he can help her because he, too, has loved someone who just wasn't good for him, and suggests she make a list of all the reasons she and Wade shouldn't be together. Lavon notes Tansy has some good ideas for the list, and soon they're both working on their lists, having as Lavon calls it, a 'purging party'.


Tansy Kinsella: But I want to make a real fancy dessert, like a parfait, or souffle, or creme bru le. I don't know, something 'a'. I really want to make it special.
Lavon Hayes: Tansy, please don't take this the wrong way, but, uh, have you ever cooked before?
Tansy Kinsella: I'm kind of a take-out ketchup kind of girl myself.
Lavon Hayes: Ah. Would you care for some help?
Tansy Kinsella: Only on the dessert.
Lavon Hayes: Okay.
Tansy Kinsella: And the entree.
Lavon Hayes: Okay.
(The Race & The Relationship)

Lavon Hayes: Slice and bake cookies are genius. You slice, you bake, bam!
Tansy Kinsella: I can handle that!
Lavon Hayes: And we got a lot of wine. 'Cause a lot of wine will make any meal taste better.
(The Race & The Relationship)

Tansy Kinsella: I just wanted to thank you for everything tonight. say goodbye. I'm not gonna be hanging out in Bluebell anymore.
Lavon Hayes: Wha...really?
Tansy Kinsella: Come on, Lavon, I know why Wade canceled on me. It's my fault. I'm the one who suggested Wade ask Zoe to be his partner. I think I did it to see how he felt about her. I know.
Lavon Hayes: Well, Tans, I have suffered the same ailment- wanting someone who simply is not good for me. But I can help you. Okay?
Tansy Kinsella:
(The Race & The Relationship)

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