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It's unclear when Lemon and Lavon met, though their relationship began during the holiday season, in December of 2010, (while Lemon 's then-boyfriend George Tucker was living in New York ) arguing over the Mayor's supposedly lax security that had resulted in a raccoon chewing off the displayed baby Jesus' arm. At a time when Lemon was really struggling with family issues involving her estranged mother, Alice, Lavon proved to be Lemon's sole support. It was Lavon that retrieved Lemon's necklace; a gift from her mother that she had angrily thrown into a river, returning it to Lemon with the advice "No matter how angry you are, you should never throw away anything that was given out of love" (Hairdos & Holidays).


The two soon developed feelings for one another- how the relationship progressed and ended is unclear, though according to Lavon , it stopped six months prior to the 2011 Bluebell Heat Wave (In Havoc & In Heat), when Lemon 's boyfriend George returned to Bluebell and proposed.


After a great deal of struggling with jealous and attempting to move on, the two agreed they needed to try to get along, to try to be friends, and co-hosted the Junior League Turtle Derby together. However, after the Turtle Derby Lavon confessed he couldn't beLemon 's friend, because he was still in love with her. Later, Lemon would turn to Lavon again while struggling with new news about her estranged mother, and Lavon reluctantly turned her away, telling her that he couldn't be that person for her anymore, and that she needed to turn to her fiancé

They get married at the end of the 4th season.

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