On The Road Again
Season Two, Episode 22
Air date May 7, 2013
Written by Leila Gerstein and Len Goldstein
Directed by Tim Matheson
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I'm Moving On
Who Says You Can't Go Home (next season)

On The Road Again is the 22nd episode and season finale of Season Two and the 44th episode of Hart of Dixie.

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NEW OPPORTUNITIES / GLORIANA PERFORMS - After having a rough time in BlueBell, Zoe (Rachel Bilson) decides a little time in New York City might be the perfect opportunity to give her some much needed perspective. But a medical emergency on the plane forces her to complete the trip with an unexpected companion. George (Scott Porter) struggles with his constant relationship misfortunes, until he runs in to Lily Anne (guest star Amy Ferguson), who helps him with his heartache. When Lemon (Jaime King) promises that the Rammer Jammer will be having a special concert with the band Gloriana, she must scramble to make it happen, with the less-than-enthusiastic help of Wade (Wilson Bethel). Meanwhile, Lavon (Cress Williams) discovers that the opposing town's Mayor has stolen something dear to him and enlists the help of the townspeople to get it back.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tim Matheson tweeted that the finale will involve Gators, a plane, cars, songs, a BIG country band, a "kidnapping", and romance [source]
  • During a flight bound to NY, Zoe is surprised to find Jonah on board when a medical emergency occurs. Zoe recounts the history of her romantic life to a fellow passenger revealing that she recently slept with Wade and also told George about her feelings despite his relationship with Tansy. [source] and [source] and [source]
  • Something drives George to drink. [source]
  • Lily Anne is back in the finale [source]
  • Part of the finale is being shot on location. [source]
  • Travis Van Winkle (Jonah) tweeted a picture of a bus in front of a green screen. [source]
  • An HoD editor tweeted a picture of a hotel. [source]
  • Rev. Mayfair is back for the finale. [source]
  • Gloriana is the big band set to play in the finale. They will perform "Can't Shake You". [source]
  • Todd Gainy, Sr., the Mayor of Fillmore, is in the finale. [source]
  • Random Finale Pictures: Tom, Rev. Mayfair, Mayor Gainy, & ABvarious cast members & crew w/ Burt Reynolds

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