Peter Mayfair
Peter Mayfair

Twins at least one boy(mentioned in season three probably born while Zoe went back to New York)
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Peter Mayfair is Bluebell's Reverend and husband of twenty-three years to Beverly Mayfair. He co-hosts the Pancake Breakfast alongside his wife each month. In Episode 1.5, Zoe diagnoses Peter and then his wife Beverly with Syphillis; whom Beverly contracted through a belly button piercing. (Faith & Infidelity)

In Episode 2.8, he also was leader of the Eagle Rangers' camping trip. He invites Wade to come along as a substitute for a random absent leader. Wade initally declines, but agrees to avoid George, which he thinks wants permission to go after or at least talk about Zoe Hart. Instead both Wade and George go on the camping trip and George wanted to talk about Wade's ex-wife Tansy.  Mayfair tells them that they are missing the kid that Wade was assigned to watch. Then Mayfair leads the Rangers in the traditional race where the Wade-assigned kid gives commentary. (Achy Breaky Hearts)

In Episode 2.16, he officiates the wedding of Wanda and Tom. (Where I Lead Me)