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...and then we can celebrate this day like it's meant to be- with a fish fry, ruffled shirts, and eye patches.
— George Tucker (The Pirate & The Practice)

Planksgiving is a Bluebell, Alabama tradition celebrated in place of a traditional Thanksgiving. Residents dress up as pirates, have a fish fry in the center of town and participate in games and contests such as the Peg Leg Race, or the Plank Walk Contest, in remembrance of pirates who allegedly took pity on the people of Bluebell, Alabama after a hurricane had leveled the town, providing them with food and supplies.

However, the real story behind the legend is that after the hurricane destroyed the town, people were talking about leaving to start over, and Bluebell founder Cyrus Lavinius Jeremiah Jones and the Town Council gathered together to generate ideas to help the people, and spent the night fishing, and by the next morning, Thanksgiving, had gathered enough food for everyone, and told the people that generous pirates had saved the day, as well as the town. (The Pirate & The Practice)