Any journey on the eastern shore begins at the Rammer Jammer. Home of the best po' boy this side of Mobile Bay.
Rammer Jammer

A restaurant and bar in Bluebell, Alabama, that was originally owned by Mr. Maynard, a place that hosts many of the town's events. After winning the hands on the boat contest in Episode 2.18, Wade Kinsella and Lemon Breeland decide to buy the Rammer Jammer after Mr. Maynard puts out a "For Sale" sign because of the demands of running it. In Season 3, Lemon sells her share to Wade.

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  • The Rammer Jammer opened on April 12, 1982.
  • The idea to hold a cocktail contest between the bar's employees was devised by the then restaurant/bar's owner, Mr. Maynard. The cocktails were then presented for taste testing at the Rammer Jammer's 30th Anniversary Party held on April 12, 2012.

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