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September 26, 2011- May 14, 2012
September 26, 2011 @9/8c on The CW
May 14, 2012 @9/8c on The CW
"The Big Day"

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Fast-talking New Yorker and doctor Zoe Hart has it all figured out - after graduating top of her class from medical school, she'll follow in her father 's footsteps and become a cardio-thoracic surgeon. But when her dreams fall apart, Zoe decides to accept an offer from a stranger, Dr. Harley Wilkes, to work with him at his small practice in Bluebell, Alabama. Zoe arrives in this small Gulf Coast town only to find that Harley has passed away and left his half of the medical practice to her in his will. She quickly finds that southern hospitality isn't always so hospitable - the other doctor in town, Brick Breeland, is less than pleased to be sharing the practice with this young outsider, and his daughter, Lemon , is a Southern belle whose sweet disposition turns sour when she meets Zoe . Zoe 's only allies are the mayor, former football star Lavon Hayes, her bad-boy neighbor Wade Kinsella, and handsome lawyer George Tucker - who just happens to be Lemon Breeland's fiance. Zoe is out of her element and ready to pack her bags, but a surprise visit by her snobby New York mother, Candice leads to Zoe 's decision to stay in Bluebell for a while, discovering small-town life and a side of herself she hadn't known was there.

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Season Episodes Originally Aired
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 22 September 26, 2011 - "Pilot" May 14, 2012 - "The Big Day"

Episode List[]

Season 1: 2011-2012

Series # Season # Title Original air date

Ep Code

1 1 "Pilot" September 26, 2011 101
Dr. Zoe Hart has to move to Bluebell, Alabama, after her boyfriend dumps her, and she doesn't get the job she was hoping for. But Bluebell is nothing like she thought, and things don't get easier when she starts liking the town's golden boy, George Tucker, and finds out he is engaged to Lemon Breeland, daughter of Dr. Breeland, who Zoe shares half the practice with, which her biological father left for her.
2 2 "Parades & Pariahs" October 3, 2011 102
Hoping it might help the residents of Bluebell accept her as one of their own, Zoe agrees to join Mayor Lavon Hayes on his float during the Founder's Day Parade, but, unfortunately, accidentally crashing the float doesn't exactly help Zoe win over Lemon Breeland and the residents of Bluebell. To make matters worse, the town's golden boy, George Tucker, informs Zoe that contractually she needs to bring in thirty percent of the business or Dr. Brick Breeland will have the option to buy out her half of the medical practice.
3 3 "Gumbo & Glory" October 10, 2011 103
Zoe enters the annual Bluebell gumbo competition hoping that people will start to accept her as one of them. One patient she sees was bitten by a snake, and in the process of finding out what kind of snake, Zoe gets bitten and can only use one of her hands. when she has a particlarly challenging medical emergency, she needs help from Dr. Breeland, who also benefits from her expertise.
4 4 "In Havoc & In Heat" October 17, 2011 104
BLUEBELL IS HIT BY A HEAT WAVE THAT MAKES EVERYONE LOSE THEIR INHIBITIONS / DAVID PAYMER DIRECTS - As Bluebell is hit by an intense heat wave, Zoe (Rachel Bilson) discovers that the hot weather makes everyone act differently and with a lot less inhibition. In fact, it takes all of Zoe's strength to ignore her heat-induced attraction to Wade (Wilson Bethel) until it gets the best of her. Meanwhile, Lemon (Jaime King) prepares for the arrival of George's (Scott Porter) family, determined to win them over, but her emotions get the best of her when Lavon (Cress Williams) shows up to the same restaurant with his date, Didi (Nadine Velazquez). David Paymer directed the episode written by Rina Mimoun.
5 5 "Faith & Infidelity" October 24, 2011 105
Zoe receives test results which say the town minister has syphilis. She tells his wife that he must have cheated, despite a 1% chance that he could have contracted it another way. Meanwhile, Lavon is asked to endorse an itching cream. Wade runs over an old drunk who Zoe learns is Wade's father and George and Lemon argue over the town funds.
6 6 "The Undead & The Unsaid" November 7, 2011 106
Zoe believes she is being stalked by a man who has been dead for over a year after running him over with her car. Zoe's mother (JoBeth Williams) returns to town wanting to settle their differences. Meanwhile, Lemon's younger sister, Magnolia (Claudia Lee), causes trouble within the Breeland household over her outgoing ways.
7 7 "The Crush & The Crossbow" November 14, 2011 107
Zoe backs out on a date with Judson Lyons, a single veterinarian, and spends time with George after seeing a movie. Lemon and Lavon host a turtle race. Wade gets divorced from Tansy (Mircea Monroe), a woman that he hasn't had contact with in years.
8 8 "Homecoming & Coming Home" November 21, 2011 108
Zoe recruits Gigi, her party planner friend from New York, to help her plan Bluebell's homecoming football party, but it naturally does not go as Zoe plans it. Two of the high school quarterbacks may miss the homecoming game due to flu-like symptoms and Zoe must figure out what the ailment is. Meanwhile, Lemon helps George and Wade set up a prank on an old high school bully.
9 9 "The Pirate & The Practice" November 28, 2011 109
Zoe plans on going back to New York for Thanksgiving to visit her mother until she learns that she needs a few more patients to keep her half of the practice with Brick. Meanwhile, George's parents scheme to have George and Lemon move out of Bluebell by giving George a lucrative job at a law firm in Mobile as part of their continuing agenda to keep George and Lemon apart. Also, Lavon encourages Wade to express his feelings for Zoe.
10 10 "Hairdos & Holidays" December 5, 2011 110
It's Christmas time in Bluebell and Zoe encourages Rose (McKaley Miller) to enter the annual Miss Cinnamon Cider Beauty Pageant competing against Lemon's younger sister, Magnolia Breeland, resuming the bitter rivalry between Zoe and Lemon. Meanwhile, George and Wade get arrested for illegally chopping down a tree to be the Christmas tree for Bluebell's town square. Also, Lemon looks back on her relationship with her mother (Meredith Monroe), who walked out on her family, which led to the start of Lemon's past relationship with Lavon.
11 11 "Hell's Belles" January 23, 2012 111
Zoe discovers that the women in her family were once southern belles and decides to join Lemon's clique of belles to get more in touch with her family history. But Lemon is determined not to let Zoe join her group and instigates a brutal hazing on Zoe to break her spirits. Meanwhile, Lavon's dating life is continually by ruined after his one bad date with dim-witted Didi (Nadine Velazquez) who is under the delusion that she and Lavon are engaged. Also, George tries to get Wade to stop his father from selling his property to a retail company.
12 12 "Mistress & Misunderstandings" January 30, 2012 112
Zoe and fellow Blue Belle Annabeth are secret girlfriends... secret because Annabeth doesn't want Lemon to find out, which would ruin Annabeth's reputation since socializing with "people of lower class" is forbidden among the traditional residents, all of whom still resent Zoe's presence in town. Zoe's happy behavior makes the people of Bluebell suspicious and Wade mistakenly thinks she's having an affair with Judson, who shows up asking Zoe to reconcile with him. Meanwhile, Lemon is doing everything she can to become the new Memory Matron but with Zoe's help Annabeth gets the job. Eventually, Zoe is forced to take matters a little further with Judson, leaving Wade jealous and defeated.
13 13 "Sweetie Pies & Sweaty Palms" February 6, 2012 113
It's dance time in Bluebell for the annual Valentine's Day Sweetie Pie Dance. George plans a romantic evening at the dance with Lemon, but his plan backfires as Lemon tries to set up her father, who still pines for his wife, with another woman hoping it will help him move on. Zoe initially declines Judson's invitation to go to the dance after feeling they are rushing the resumption of their romance, but changes her mind when Wade manipulates both Judson and Zoe into going. Meanwhile, Levon is shocked when he sees Didi with another man, who he later finds out is her ex-husband. Lemon breaks down after the dance when her father comes home without his date. She tells her father to get over her mother as she's not coming back and she finally reveals that she indeed located her mother at Christmas time and she is living in a nearby town under a new name and has a new husband and daughter. Also, Judson breaks up with Zoe as he sees the chemistry between her and Wade. Didi and Levon make up, and Didi finds a photo of Lemon in Levon's desk.
14 14 "Aliens & Aliases" February 13, 2012 114
Lavon asks Zoe to help him figure out why Didi has been avoiding him, but once Zoe uncovers the shocking reason that Lavon used to be romantically involved with Lemon Breeland and still pines for her, Zoe is unsure what to do with the information. Meanwhile, Wade convinces Lemon to dress up as Joelle in order to convince Joelle's jealous ex-boyfriend that he didn't actually see Wade and Joelle together. Also, George comes to Zoe for advice in determining whether there is a medical explanation for the behavior of one of his clients.
15 15 "Snowflakes & Soulmates" February 20, 2012 115
Zoe is thrilled to see snow fall for the first time in Bluebell, but the rest of the town is superstitious that it will bring bad luck. Meanwhile, Lavon's parents (Ernie Hudson and Valarie Pettiford) make a unexpected visit to Bluebell and Lavon thinks it's the perfect opportunity to introduce them to Didi, but the introduction doesn't exactly go according to plan which prompts Wade to help Lavon out with his parents predicament. Zoe tries to reach her estranged father living in Europe but learns that he has disappeared with no explanation. Elsewhere, Lemon and George make a big decision about their future when they decide to travel to Charleston, South Carolina to elope, but Magnolia as well as Brick learn about it and insist they tag along.
16 16 "Tributes & Triangles" February 27, 2012 116
George is named Bluebell's Man of the Year, making everyone happy, except Brick who wanted the title for himself. As the town's mayor, Lavon is expected to host a cocktail party in George's honor, but this is a difficult situation for Lavon given his history with Lemon and his fear of public speaking. Zoe agrees to step in and help Lavon organize the party, but things take a turn for the disastrous when Zoe has to improvise a speech at the gathering and reveals her secret crush on George. Meanwhile, Magnolia begs Wade to write a song and perform it with her at the party as part of her agenda to get closer to him as well as use it as an outlet for her rebellious nature just to spite Brick. George's father also arrives back in town after Zoe persuades George to contact him, but the visit leads to a downbeat outcome.
17 17 "Heart to Hart" April 9, 2012 117
Zoe decides upon acting cold and aloof towards her father Dr. Ethan Hart (Gary Cole) when he arrives to operate on George's father, but this proves difficult as he seems glad to see her. Unfortunately, he seems to want a purely friendly relationship, while she still desires a father. Meanwhile, Lemon decides to befriend Zoe, believing it will prevent the exposure of her affair with Lavon. Elsewhere, Mr. Maynard (John Marshall Jones), the owner of the Rammer Jammer has Shelley and Wade face-off in a signature cocktail contest for the establishment's anniversary, with Wade finding his gift of making cocktails.
18 18 "Bachelorettes & Bullets" April 16, 2012 118
George remembers seeing Lavon and Lemon kissing and asks for Zoe's advice, if it really happened. Zoe, already knowing the truth, lies about it to protect her friend Lavon. Due to a series of circumstances, George ends up on a hunting trip that doubles as his bachelor party, with both Wade and Lavon tagging along. During the trip in tracking down a large bear, George confronts Lavon who finally tells him the truth about his brief affair with Lemon while George was living in New York two years prior. Predictably, George takes the news very badly, later breaking off his engagement with Lemon as well as telling Zoe that they are no longer friends for lying to him about Lemon and Lavon. Meanwhile, Magnolia plans Lemon's bachelorette party on a party bus complete with a male stripper. Also, Zoe begins a romance with a patient named Jesse (Justin Hartley), later finding out that he is Wade's estranged brother.
19 19 "Destiny & Denial" April 23, 2012 119
Zoe and Lemon attempt try to apologize to George about keeping secrets from him, but see that he is an a very pleasant mood about the situation. George then goes on a spontaneous trip to New Orleans and invites Zoe to join him, where they finally kiss. Meanwhile, Wade wakes up in the morning after a crazy night of drinking and begins to re-evaluate his relationship with his ex-wife Tancy.
20 20 "The Race & The Relationship" April 30, 2012 120
It's time for the annual Bluebell Battle competition. Wade signs himself up for the battle in hopes of winning a $5,000 cash prize and asks Zoe to be his team mate after Lavon injurs his foot. Zoe agrees, but has an alterior motive in hopes to get close to George. Meanwhile, Frederick Dean finally asks Rose out on a date, which happens after Zoe convinces Rose's mother Annie (Ann Cusack), to let them have it. George and Lemon meet with Reverend Mayfair to discuss their relationship issues which leads to them competing in the Bluebell Battle.
21 21 "Disaster Drills & Departures" May 7, 2012 121
Zoe blames herself, and nearly everyone else in town does the same, when Rose is hospitalized with apendicitis and Zoe mistook the symptoms as love sickness. After much encouragement from Lavon, Wade explores the idea of opening his own bar in Bluebell. Meanwhile, Lemon plans a romantic night for George, hoping to get their relationship (and wedding day) back on track. Also, Zoe's father, Ethan, arrives back in Bluebell which makes her consider leaving town for good.
22 22 "The Big Day" May 14, 2012 122
George and Lemon's wedding day finally arrives, except a big thunderstorm suddenly rolls into Bluebell in which puts everyones lives at risk. Zoe, on her way out of town, seeks shelter from the storm in a barn with Wade, leading to some awkward moments between both of them.

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