Suspicious Minds
Season Two, Episode Four
2x04 BrickMagnolia
Air date October 23, 2012
Written by John Stephens
Directed by Jamie Gorenberg
US Viewers 1.32
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Walkin' After Midnight

Suspicious Minds is the fourth episode of Season Two and the twenty-sixth episode of the series.


DOUBLE TROUBLE — While Zoe (Rachel Bilson) tries to keep things casual with Wade (Wilson Bethel), she becomes jealous after she sees him with another woman. Zoe decides to two can play at that game, and sets up a date with Ruby’s (guest star Golden Brooks) cousin. Reluctantly, Lavon (Cress Williams) agrees to let Lemon (Jaime King) be his campaign manager, but he unexpectedly becomes part of a town scandal when he takes the fall for her, a move which could end up costing him the Mayoral race. Meanwhile, with Lemon out of the house, Brick (Tim Matheson) and Magnolia (guest star Claudia Lee) struggle with the household chores and devise a plan to get Lemon to come back. Scott Porter also stars. Golden Brooks and Laura Bell Bundy guest star. Jamie Gorenberg directed the episode written by John Stephens.


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Zoe Hart: I was watching this nature special last night about lions. Did you know that male lions sleep with every lioness they can get their paws on?

Zoe Hart: It’s one thing for a lion to be King of the Jungle, but yo Simba, how about a little heads up if there’s going to be a hot new lioness in the den when Nala comes home.

George Tucker: Shelby, really, I’m fine. I’m all shammed up.

Brick Breeland: You're failing chemistry?
Magnolia Breeland: Maybe I would be doing better if I wasn't starving!

Magnolia Breeland: Daddy, this is the right thing. Because once we run out of peanut butter I'm going to have to eat you.

Lemon Breeland: Oh my goodness, you know sometimes I think that God gave you such a big heart that he left no room for plain sense.




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