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The Big Day
Season One, Episode Twenty-Two
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Air date May 14, 2012
Written by Leila Gerstein
Directed by Tim Matheson
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The Big Day is the 22nd episode, and season finale, of Season One.  It is also the 22nd episode overall. 


SERIES STAR TIM MATHESON DIRECTS THE SEASON FINALE / GEORGE AND LEMON PREPARE FOR THE BIG DAY — With an impending storm about to hit Bluebell , George (Scott Porter ) and Lemon (Jaime King) prepare for their wedding day. Meanwhile, taking shelter from the storm, Zoe (Rachel Bilson) finds herself stranded in a barn with Wade (Wilson Bethel).


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  • This episode marks a turning point in many character's development
  • This episode also marks the day that Lemon has been trying her hardest to make perfect due to her guilt of her affair with Lavon Hayes.
  • Numerous things go wrong during the episode for the wedding and George tries his best to improvise a solution. Like the massive rainstorm, missing few members of the wedding/bridal party, the firehouse ceiling leaking, etc.
  • Zoe gets cut in the barb wire and Wade has to stitch her up in the barn.  After few hours, they are taken back to town by a police officer. Zoe is dropped off at her carriage house and Wade is taken to the gatekeepers house to get ready.  Then Zoe is somehow able to have the strength to wrap her legs around Wade and then she is pressed against the wall.  Then she is propped down onto the bed.  These actions doing the pre-sex may be contrary to how Zoe should be operating, because she should still be careful of the wound (or at least be in some noticeable pain).
  • George breaks the engagement off with Lemon and goes to Zoe to confess his feelings.

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Zoe Hart: "You've been avoiding me ever since I decided to stay in town."
Wade Kinsella: "That's because I hate you."

Wade Kinsella: "Coffee shouldn't taste like a pastry."

Lavon Hayes: "As Mayor of this town, I have to tell you- if one of those swans bites someone, the city's liable!"

Zoe Hart: "Heeyy, Wadester..."

Wade Kinsella: "That's the thing- you and me, we were never friends."

Wade Kinsella: "I can see through your shirt when you do that."
Zoe Hart: "Shut up... oh! Does that help?"
Wade Kinsella: "No."

AnnaBeth Nass: "Lemon, you're my oldest friend. I wasn't trying to rub my choices in your face, I just didn't want anyone feeling sorry for me."

Lemon Breeland: "Truth is, I don't deserve a perfect wedding. I really dont. And clearly, someone else up there agrees."

Zoe Hart: "We have nothing in common, we're always fighting...we're very different people..."

George Tucker: "Why didn't anybody tell me she was staying?"

Brick Breeland: "Your mother would be so proud... and screw her for missing this."

George Tucker: "Lemon, you deserve more than my fidelity. You deserve my whole heart."



Hart of Dixie 1x22 EXTENDED PROMO "The Big Day"

Hart of Dixie 1x22 EXTENDED PROMO


Hart Of Dixie 1x22 The Big Day

Hart Of Dixie 1x22 Sneak Peek 1


Hart Of Dixie 1x22

Hart of Dixie 1x22 Sneak Peek 2


Hart of Dixie - The Big Day Producer's Preview

Hart of Dixie - The Big Day Producer's Preview


Hart of Dixie 1x22 CANADIAN Promo "The Big Day" HD

Hart of Dixie 1x22 CANADIAN Promo


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