[Scene opens to the carriage house.]

George Tucker: Uh...Zoe?

Zoe Hart: Um... George? One sec. Come in! Hi.

George Tucker: Hey. Um, I'm sorry it's a little early. I was just, uh. I was kind of up all night wanting to talk to you.

Zoe Hart: Thanks. That's okay. I-I'm glad you're here. How did it go last night with Lemon?

George Tucker: It was hard. Um. I yelled a lot, she cried a lot, and uh, I told her the wedding was off.

Zoe Hart: You did?

George Tucker: Yeah. Yeah.

Zoe Hart: Uh, I'm sorry. Um, are you okay?

George Tucker: I will be. We're gonna tell the minister in a couple of hours and I think making it official will help.

Zoe Hart: Definitely. Possibly. I mean, I-I hope so. I'm sorry, I'm flustered.

George Tucker: That's okay. So am I. Look, uh...I can't stop thinking about last night. It was possibly the best night of my life.

Zoe Hart: Me too.

George Tucker: But, um, we kind of got a little swept away. You know?

Zoe Hart: I know. We did. We so did. Yeah.

George Tucker: I'm just coming out of a 15-year relationship, so, you know I was thinking that maybe jumping right into another one might not be fair for anyone.

Zoe Hart: Right. And, know what they say: You know, it's better to be fair than not fair. I think they say that.

George Tucker: Yeah, and this is gonna sound real cliched, but I was just, um... Maybe if it's okay with you, uh, for now, we could just stay friends? Just...

Zoe Hart: Friends. Yeah. Absolutely. You know, uh, that is...that is so the right thing, and I was going to suggest it even.

George Tucker: Great. Okay.

Wade Kinsella: Oh. Hey, Tucker. Didn't expect to see you here so early. I hope I'm not interrupting. Lavon, he- he injured his ankle pretty badly, so...yeah.

Zoe Hart: 'Kay, I'll be right there. [To George.] I guess I'll see you around...pal. Thanks for...

George Tucker: Yeah.

[Scene shifts to Mayor's Plantation.]

Zoe Hart: How on earth did you fall out of a tree?

Lavon Hayes: We were training for the Bluebell Battle.

Wade Kinsella: Yeah, and there's $5,000 at stake. And we gotta be able to do anything. Bullriding, building plantations out of macaroni, eating bugs. So what's the verdict, he gonna be okay? Wha...What, you still ignoring me? [To Lavon.] Ask her if you're gonna be okay for the race.

Lavon Hayes: Look, this is ridiculous. [Wade smacks Lavon on shoulder.] Zoe, can I be in the race?

Zoe Hart: Nope.

Lavon Hayes: Please?

Zoe Hart: No. You have a bad sprain. You have to keep it stable until the swelling goes down.

Wade Kinsella: This is great. Thank you. You know, everything bad happens to me!

Zoe Hart: I have an idea. How about to distract from your pain we talk about what happened to me this morning? George came over.

Lavon Hayes: Uh-huh.

Zoe Hart: He and Lemon are calling off the wedding. But he says that we just have to stay friends for now.

Lavon Hayes: I'm sorry?

Zoe Hart: I was upset at first, because I know he felt what I felt in New Orleans. But then I realized he said 'for now', meaning in the future, after a respectable grieving period, George and I will finally be together. Isn't that great?

Lavon Hayes: Look, whenever I say anything about you and George Tucker, you either don't listen to me or you get angry. So from now on all I'm gonna say is 'no comment'.

Zoe Hart: Okay, that's fair. But, how long of a grieving period do you think people need after 15 years? Couple weeks?

Lavon Hayes: Oh, mm-mmm.

Zoe Hart: A month? Not- not two months- right? Lavon?

[Scene shifts to Bluebelll Community Church.]

Peter Mayfair: Well, hello, George, Lemon. What brings you two lovebirds here today?

George Tucker: Well, uh, Reverend Mayfair, um...Lemon and I have decided to call off our wedding.

Peter Mayfair: That's funny. Oh, you're're not kidding. Uh, I'm sorry, I didn't understand. Uh...what happened?

George Tucker: Well, it's a long story, and neither of us are looking to point fingers right now. We'd just, your advice on how best to deal with this.

Peter Mayfair: Well, I will help in anyway I can. But, let me ask you now, is this something that the both of you are certain you want?

Lemon Breeland: No. It's not what I want, Reverend, it's not.

George Tucker: Lemon...

Lemon Breeland: See, George is angry. He is furious, and who can blame him? He just found out that I was having an affair.

Peter Mayfair: Uh, what, now?

Lemon Breeland: It was a year ago, and it was a horrible mistake. And I know that the wedding is coming up in two weeks, and that may not be enough time for George to forgive me, but I will do anything for another chance.

Peter Mayfair: Well, thank you for that, Lemon. I know that wasn't easy. George, what Lemon did was an enormous transgression, one that I can't expect you to take lightly, but clearly, she still loves you. Now, is there any hope that in time you will be able to forgive her?

George Tucker: This isn't about forgiveness, Reverend. This is about our relationship and the foundation of our relationship is broken. And...I don't know if I love her anymore.

Peter Mayfair: Now, now- you 'don't know'. Now that's a key phrase. George, you're in pain. Pain, sometimes, it can cloud the truth, which is why I cannot, in good conscience, let you end this without at least trying counseling. Now, just to find some clarity, please, just a few sessions.

[Scene shifts to the Rammer Jammer.]

Wade Kinsella: Look, Tom, I wouldn't be asking if I weren't desperate. But, uh, what are your plans for the Bluebell Battle?

Tom Long: Well, I was gonna be one of those guy who hands out orange slices. I'm no good under pressure. I choke. [Chokes.] Uh, hi Wanda! Hi. Hello.

Wanda: I like your sweater, Tom. The puppies really bring out your eyes.

Tom Long: That's why my mom got it for me.

Wanda: I was wondering, would you be my partner for the Bluebell Battle?

Tom Long: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Wanda: Great. I'll see you then.

Tansy Kinsella: Bye.

Tom Long: Did you hear that? That's our first date!

Wade Kinsella: Yeah. I heard.

Tom Long: I am never washing this sweater again!

Tansy Kinsella: I know how much you want that prize money. I wish I could do the race with you.

Wade Kinsella: Me, too. That stupid rule that says you got to live in Bluebell.

Tansy Kinsella: Well, we'll just have to find you the perfect partner. Which, let's face it, wasn't Tom Long, anyway. What are you looking for in a teammate?

Wade Kinsella: assets are A) Know this town like the back of my hand;

Tansy Kinsella: Mm-hmm.

Wade Kinsella: B) Mechanical, C) Wily, D) I can hold my breath for three minutes, you know that?

Tansy Kinsella: Oh!

Wade Kinsella: But, I'm not traditionally book-smart, especially when those books have something to do with math. And ideally, I'd find a partner who, uh, has good, fine motor skills, 'cause I can barely thread a needle.

Tansy Kinsella: You need Zoe Hart. She's a surgeon; she can fit in small spaces. You just have to make her take off those heels.

Wade Kinsella: Zoe Hart would never be my partner.

Tansy Kinsella: Why? You're not still hung up on her, are you?

Wade Kinsella: No, no, no, it's not that. Uh...she overheard me say some unkind- but true- things about her recently, and uh, well, she's pissed at me.

Tansy Kinsella: Well, I can think of 5,000 reasons this a good time to a apologize.

[Scene shifts to Town Square.]

Rose Hattenbarger: Zoe!

Zoe Hart: Hi.

Rose Hattenbarger: I have huge news.

Zoe Hart: Mm, what?

Rose Hattenbarger: Okay, well as you know, ever since Magnolia broke up with Frederick Dean, I've been dropping hints, hoping, and yesterday he finally asked me out.

Zoe Hart: Oh, whoo-hoo! See? It was only a matter of time before these men pick the right girl.

Rose Hattenbarger: I know. But there's just one problem: my mom won't let me date until I'm 15.

Zoe Hart: Oh, no. I'm so sorry.

Rose Hattenbarger: No, no, please, you have to talk to her. Tell her that there is no sound reason for my arbitrary birthday to live my life. You're a doctor- just tell her that this can cause developmental issues.

Zoe Hart: Rose, no, I cannot interfere with her parental decisions.

Rose Hattenbarger: Please? My stomach is in knots about this. I can't even eat. You of all people know how I feel about Frederick Dean.

Zoe Hart: know. Yes, I know that you have waited patiently for him to finally break up with his girlfriend, and you've dutifully been his friend while he got over it. And I know that now it is...your time to be happy. So...yes, I will talk to your mother.

Rose Hattenbarger: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Zoe Hart: Hey, George. Buddy. How'd it go with the minister?

George Tucker: Well, not exactly as planned. He, um...convinced us to do counseling.

Zoe Hart: Hey. Well, that's cool.

George Tucker: I think it's ridiculous myself, but I don't know, I guess there might be some merit to it.

Zoe Hart. That- yeah. I think that, uh, therapy is a great idea.

George Tucker: Yeah. Yeah. Well, thank you, for understanding all this. I'm real lucky to have you in my life, Zoe.

[Scene shifts to medical practice exam room.]

Zoe Hart: Counseling never works, right? It's a well known fact. Tony Soprano was in counseling for, like, the entire series. Did he stop killing people? No. And she was a really good therapist.

Lavon Hayes: No comment.

Zoe Hart: Whoa! You can't just barge in here. I'm with a patient.

Wade Kinsella: It's Lavon.'re right. I apologize.

Zoe Hart: What do you want?

Wade Kinsella: Look, I know you're angry at me, so, I'm sorry or whatever. But I'm hoping we can put that behind us so you'll be my partner in the race tomorrow. I think we could be a really good team.

Zoe Hart: That's funny, that was a good one. Oh, you're not joking. [Wade leaves.] What is with that guy?

[Scene shifts to Bluebell Community Church.]

Peter Mayfair: I'm so glad that you both agreed to be here. It's a huge step. And, uh, with the wedding right around the corner, we have to try to do a lot in a small amount of time. Now, uh, you ready?

Lemon Breeland: Yes!

Peter Mayfair: Great. Let's begin.

Lemon Breeland: George. I appreciate what a kind heart you have. I appreciate how selflessly you give yourself to anyone who's in need. I appreciate your sweet green eyes.

Peter Mayfair: That's wonderful, Lemon. George, your turn.

George Tucker: Lemon...I appreciate that you feel that way.

Peter Mayfair: So, use the paddles to express your emotions right now. Go ahead.

George Tucker: Yeah, you know what, Reverend? Think there's got... I- I think that this is not possible the- the best way to...

Peter Mayfair: Let it out, George. Let it out.

George Tucker: I think there's got to be...there's got to be...

Peter Mayfair: Go ahead.

George Tucker: to be a better way. There's just gotta be a better way.

Peter Mayfair: Let it go.

George Tucker: Just-just...just stop it! Would you just, just stop? [Grabs and throws paddle.] Apparently very mad at that thing...

Peter Mayfair: Well, no one said this was going to be easy, but I'd like you to try one last thing before we give up.

Lemon Breeland: Anything. Anything.

George Tucker: No. Come on.

Lemon Breeland: Anything.

Peter Mayfair: Now, I know you two are still signed up for the Bluebell Battle. I'd love for you to go through with it.

Lemon Breeland: Oh, yes!

George Tucker: Why on earth would we do that?

Peter Mayfair: It's a day of working together, communicating, seeing what you can accomplish as a team. And, well, as metaphors go, it's, uh, it's pretty darn solid.

Lemon Breeland: I think it's a great idea!

George Tucker: No. No, no. No, no, and no. It's a-

Lemon Breeland: Yes, oh, yes. yes, I- I-

Peter Mayfair: Now, George, now I don't wanna have to play the big G card on you here, but I am your minister, and I know that he would want you to take one last shot before you throw away 15 years of...of history.

[Scene shifts to medical practice.]

Brick Breeland: [On phone.] Yeah, Irma, just out of curiosity, as one who loves facts and figures, what is the final day that I can cancel the catering for the wedding and, uh, still get my money back? Oh, yeah, as in two day from now. I see, uh... [Lemon enters.]Oh, yeah, just keep taking those aspirin every four hours, yeah. Good-bye! [To Lemon.] Lemonade!

Lemon Breeland: Hi Daddy!

Brick Breeland: You are looking so much brighter.

Lemon Breeland: Therapy is working!

Brick Breeland: He forgave you?

Lemon Breeland: Well, not yet, but he agreed to do the Bluebell Battle with me!

Brick Breeland: Oh. Well that is great, but the wedding...?

Lemon Breeland: Well, I mean, technically it's still off, but all tomorrow, we will be working in close quarters, in extreme conditions, and we will connect again. And when we win, there's no way that George will be able to deny that we still belong together.

Brick Breeland: That is just great...

[Scene shifts to reveal Zoe Hart eavesdropping through wall with doctor's device.]

Rose Hattenbarger: Does the wall have a murmur?

Zoe Hart: I was just listening to a cray termite hatching a crazy plan that absolutely will not work.

Rose Hattenbarger: Okay. Well, do you need to listen anymore? Because we were supposed to go talk to my mom.

Zoe Hart: Right! I'm coming.

[Scene shifts to Rammer Jammer.]

Wade Kinsella: Stupid Zoe Hart.

Tansy Kinsella: It's her loss, because you're gonna win that prize money, I'm sure.

Wade Kinsella: You always got my back, Tans. You know how I'm gonna thank you? I'm gonna take thirty bucks out of that five K tomorrow, and I'm gonna take you out for dinner after the race.

Tansy Kinsella: Why don't I cook dinner for you? Just in case.

Wade Kinsella: Well, alright then. My place it is.

Annie Hattenbarger: Hi baby!

Rose Hattenbarger: Hi.

Annie Hattenbarger: Zoe, it's nice to see you.

Zoe Hart: You, too.

Annie Hattenbarger: Are you gonna be joining us for dinner?

Zoe Hart: Oh, no thanks. I actually just wanted to talk to you about Rose.

Annie Hattenbarger: Oh, no! She doesn't have one of those teenage scary things that I was seeing on The View? Um, texting thumb, or-or tanorexia?

Rose Hattenbarger: No, no. I'm- I'm fine.

Zoe Hart: She's fine. It's just that this lovely young man named Frederick Dean has asked young Rose out on a date. I know technically she isn't allowed until her birthday, but I thought maybe you would consider reconsidering.

Annie Hattenbarger: He seems like a nice boy. But a rule is a rule.

Zoe Hart: But you know, what if Frederick and Rose did the race tomorrow? It's not a date, and it is a fitness activity, and it's completely in public.

Annie Hattenbarger: Well, a race sounds pretty harmless. Fine, you win.

Rose Hattenbarger: Thanks, Mom.

Annie Hattenbarger: Well, I'm gonna get us some menus. You know, I love this place, but the service is never really more than a six.

Rose Hattenbarger: A race? Really? That's not what I had in mind for my first date.

Zoe Hart: This is gonna be better! You know, I used to do this kind of stuff. My mom would send me to sleepaway camp, you know. The stakes were high, it was fun, but so intense. You couldn't help but deeply connect with your partner. That's how a lot of camp love affairs started

Rose Hattenbarger: I guess you're right.

Zoe Hart: I need to go take care of something.

Zoe Hart: Hi.

Wade Kinsella: What?

Zoe Hart: Dio you still need a partner for that race thing tomorrow? 'Cause I was thinking, it actually might be a good way for me to drum up some patients.

Wade Kinsella: I don't now.

Zoe Hart: I'll let you keep all the money.

Wade Kinsella: Done.

Zoe Hart: Great. Believe me, Wade Kinsella, we are going to win everything we want.

[Scene shifts to Bluebell Battle in Town Square.]

Lemon Breeland: George, thank you again for doing this for me.

Lavon Hayes: Zoe, what are you doing here?

Zoe Hart: I'm limbering up. Don't want to pull a hammy.

Lavon Hayes: Why are you in this race?

Zoe Hart: Because I can't let Lemon just weasel her way back into George's heart. I need to show George that I am in this race, too. So, that's why I'm joining the race. It's a huge gesture, Lavon! There's no way George could miss it.

Lavon Hayes: No comment.

Brick Breeland: [Over microphone] Attention! Attention, ladies and gentlemen. It's a pleasure for me to welcome everyone to our own Bluebell Battle. A series of challenges that will test y'all like you've never been tested before. And to the last team standing goes the coveted Golden Bell and $5,000. Is everyone ready?

Wade Kinsella: Yeah!

Brick Breeland: [Over microphone] Teams on your mark! And... [gunshot]].

Zoe Hart: Go, go, go go go!

Tom Long: So, we have to assemble the wheelbarrow and then the next clue will be revealed. Manual labor isn't really my thing. Dang instructions! How do you even unfold... Oh, this might be the- yup. There it is. I unfolded 'em! Oh.

Wanda: It's just a standard model. Five and a half cubic feet load capacity. Let's go with the three-quarter-inch hex bolt and lock nut.

Tom Long: You're like the girl of my dreams and the girl I made on my computer all rolled into one.

Lemon Breeland: See, this isn't so bad. It's such a beautiful day! It is just so nice when two people can work together in quiet without all those pesky words.

Zoe Hart: What are you doing? The instructions say to do that part later. See? In Diagram 8H.

Wade Kinsella: I don't do instructions, all right, Doc?

Zoe Hart: Wade!

Wade Kinsella: Just give me a sec, okay? Oh...shoot.

Zoe Hart: I cannot believe you!

Wade Kinsella: I was doing fine until...until you come in here with all your buzzing and your bossing in my ear, and suddenly, suddenly, I'm distracted.

Zoe Hart: We have to stop fighting, okay? It's not getting us anywhere.

Wade Kinsella: Neither is this wheelbarrow.

[Scene shifts to Mayor's Plantation.]

Lavon Hayes: Hey, Tansy. Uh, come on in. Come on in.

Tansy Kinsella: I'm sorry to bother you. I was gonna make Wade dinner tonight, but his spice rack is basically just some take-out ketchup packets and what hopefully were old raisins. I was wondering if I could borrow your kitchen for a bit?

Lavon Hayes: Oh, no problem.

Tansy Kinsella: Okay.

Lavon Hayes: Happy for the company. Laid up here on injured reserve, so... So, uh, you and uh, Wade and dinner? Does that mean...?

Tansy Kinsella: He does really seem to want to change. Let's just hope wanting is the same as doing.

Lavon Hayes: I hear that. So, what you making?

Tansy Kinsella: Chicken and mashed potatoes.

Lavon Hayes: Hmm.

Tansy Kinsella: But I want to make a real fancy dessert, like a parfait, or souffle, or creme bru le. I don't know, something 'a'. I really want to make it special.

Lavon Hayes: Tansy, please don't take this the wrong way, but, uh, have you ever cooked before?

Tansy Kinsella: I'm kind of a take-out ketchup kind of girl myself.

Lavon Hayes: Ah. Would you care for some help?

Tansy Kinsella: Only on the dessert.

Lavon Hayes: Okay.

Tansy Kinsella: And the entree.

Lavon Hayes: Okay.

[Scene shifts back to Bluebell Battle.]

Brick Breeland: Okay, Zoe and Wade, welcome to Challenge Number Four. This is a multi-step event, and you better get cracking 'cause you're in eighth place.

Wade Kinsella: Alright, let's go! Doc, what are you doing? Hurry up!

Brick Breeland: Oh, Rose, Frederick, I hate to tell you this, but you're the last to arrive. That means you're out.

Frederick Dean: After only three events? Darn it!

Rose Hattenbarger: Yeah, shoot.

Frederick Dean: Hey, want to go to The Dixie Stop and get a milkshake?

Rose Hattenbarger: Okay!

Zoe Hart: So why is this prize money so important to you anyway?

Wade Kinsella: You're gonna think it's stupid.

Zoe Hart: No, I won't.

Wade Kinsella: I wanna open my own bar. I was gonna use the 5K to start it up. And, uh, you know...with a little luck, maybe turn it into something. Go ahead. Laugh.

Zoe Hart: Why would I laugh at that? I think that's a really good idea, Wade. Good for you.

Lemon Breeland: See, look at us. The minister was right. We have what it takes; we're winning. That just proves we can do anything if we try.

George Tucker: Look, all it proves is that I'm motivated to have this race end as quickly as possible.

Lemon Breeland: But George, I mean, you can't deny that we're still...we're us.

George Tucker: Lemon, the us that you knew doesn't exist anymore.

Lemon Breeland: I know that, but...

George Tucker: And the fact that we make a good Bluebell Battle team doesn't change the fact that you had an affair.

Lemon Breeland: I know that...

George Tucker: Or that I kissed Zoe Hart in New Orleans.

Lemon Breeland: I'm gonna get some more corn.

Zoe Hart: Hey,, um, Southern men understand gestures?

Wade Kinsella: Oh, depends on the gesture, I guess. Some of them we get real well.

Zoe Hart: Like this big Bluebell race. I mean, it's not really my thing, yet I did it. That's a big deal, right?

Wade Kinsella: So, you didn't do this to get patients?

Zoe Hart: No.

Wade Kinsella: Look, uh...I-I think it's still a little confusing. Men don't do subtle, Doc. I think you better...spell it out clearly for us.

Zoe Hart: You're right. Thanks, Wade.

Wade Kinsella: You're welcome.

[Scene shifts to The Dixie Stop.]

Lavon Hayes: Slice and bake cookies are genius. You slice, you bake, bam!

Tansy Kinsella: I can handle that!

Lavon Hayes: And we got a lot of wine. 'Cause a lot of wine will make any meal taste better.

Tansy Kinsella: Wade! How's it going?

Wade Kinsella: Hey, w-we're coming on strong. Uh, Tans, I got to cancel the dinner plans tonight. I'm sorry but, uh, you know, there's like this after party thing for all the contestants at the Rammer Jammer. So, you know, I should be there, as the winner. Uh, rain check?

Tansy Kinsella: No biggie. Good luck.

Wade Kinsella: Alright, thanks. I'll see you guys later. Bye. Thank you, miss. Chop sticks, extra napkins.

Lavon Hayes: Hey. Why'd you cancel on Tansy like that?

Wade Kinsella: Lavon, something is happening with Zoe. I don't know how to explain it, but it's like finally we're clicking.

Lavon Hayes: You and Zoe?

Wade Kinsella: I-I know. I know it sounds crazy but trust me, all right? All right, wish me luck. All right, I'll see you later. Bye. Wish me luck!

Wade Kinsella: [Outside]Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! Lavon Hayes: Good luck.

[Scene shifts to a little later in the Bluebell Battle.]

Wade Kinsella: Whoa, Doc. You sewed that fast.

Zoe Hart: Fastest whip stitch in three counties.

Wade Kinsella: Don't slow down now, I got to get more hay. I'll be right back. Zoe Hart: Okay.

Lavon Hayes: Zoe.

Zoe Hart: Hey.

Lavon Hayes: I need to talk to you. I-I know you're trying to make some big gesture to George by competing in this race...

Zoe Hart: I know what you're gonna say and I totally agree. That was a crazy plan.

Lavon Hayes: Yes, it was. I'm uh, I'm glad you see that 'cause...

Zoe Hart: 'Cause a gesture isn't gonna be enough. George won't know how I feel unless I spell it out for him, so the first moment he's alone, I'm gonna lay it all on the line.

Lavon Hayes: Look, Zoe, I know how you feel about George, but you're in this contest with Wade. I don't wanna see him get hurt.

Zoe Hart: Why would he get hurt? We are working so well together today. We might even win the money for his bar.

Lavon Hayes: Zoe, I really don't get how you still don't know this, but Wade likes you.

Zoe Hart: What? No. Okay, maybe, maybe he did before, but not anymore- definitely not.

Lavon Hayes: Just be careful, 'cause he's a good guy. And he really has no clue that you're only working with him to get to someone else.

Wade Kinsella: Hey, Doc! Doc! You'll never believe it- Ben and Babs Foster, donezo. You and me, third place. And it's all thanks to your, you know, quick surgeon sewing.

Lavon Hayes: See y'all later.

Wade Kinsella: All right.

[Scene shifts to The Dixie Stop.]

Frederick Dean: Hey, did you know that astronauts can't belch? Well, in space. On land, they can. You gonna drink that shake? Okay.

Rose Hattenbarger: It's a really nice night, isn't it? Look how clear that sky is.

Frederick Dean: Yeah. Yeah, it is. Do you know what this is a perfect night for?

Rose Hattenbarger: Taking a moonlight walk and gazing at the stars?

Frederick Dean: Night fishing. We should go to Old Babcock Pond. It'll be great.

Rose Hattenbarger: Night fishing? Sure. Yeah, let's go catch some fish.

Frederick Dean: All right.

[Scene shifts back to Bluebell Battle.]

Wanda: We have our rod. All we have to do now is use this to get the magnetic fish off the church and we win this whole thing, Tom. Five thousand dollars.

Tom Long: You did it. You did it all!

Wanda: I'm so sorry. I feel like I've hogged all the activities. It's one downside to being the only girl in a family of five boys. So this should do.

Tom Long: Me?

Wanda: Yeah.

Tom Long: Me.

Lemon Breeland: I forgive you for kissing Zoe Hart.

George Tucker: You what?

Lemon Breeland: You were lashing out because you were hurt and you were angry. And it''s understandable.

George Tucker: You've got to be kidding me.

Lemon Breeland: What? George, please just talk to me...

George Tucker: I don't know, it's just, you know, ever since Zoe gets to town, you have been worried that something's gonna happen between us. And then I tell you that I kissed her and you don't care.

Lemon Breeland: What? No. I didn't say I didn't care, George.

George Tucker: Lemon, are you so obsessed with having this wedding that you can't see that we have real problems here?

Lemon Breeland: I am obsessed with the wedding because I want to marry you, George. All right? I love you.

George Tucker: Yeah, all right. Guess what? ain't gonna fix anything anymore. Because our relationship should be's... [snap] It's broken.

Wade Kinsella: I don't want it to go to your head or anything, but I really appreciate you being out here. I couldn't have made it this far without you.

Zoe Hart: Boy, you're complimenting me? What, are you sick or dying or something?

Wade Kinsella: Zoe, I think I need to spell something out for you pretty clearly. Uh, well, I tried to take you to the airport once to tell you there. I tried to tell you a few different times, but I guess I'm just gonna come right out and say it. Um.. Rose Hattenbarger: Zoe! I need you.

Zoe Hart: Rose, you're a little pale. Is everything okay?

Rose Hattenbarger: No. Everything is not okay. The date is going terribly. Frederick Dean wants to go to Old Babcock Pond to catch fish. I'm wearing a new dress, do I look like I want to dig for worms?

Zoe Hart: Ew. No.

Rose Hattenbarger: I know!

Wade Kinsella: Um, hello. Ladies, seriously? Old Babcock Pond is like, a legendary make out spot. Frederick Dean asked you to go there so he could, you know, get all up in your tonsils.

Rose Hattenbarger: Oh my God. Wait, are you serious? Zoe, I've never kissed anyone before. No. I'm so nervous, I feel sick. My stomach hurts so bad. I can't do this.

Zoe Hart: Rose, those are just butterflies. The question is, do you want to kiss Frederick Dean or not?

Rose Hattenbarger: Of course I do.

Zoe Hart: Then go make it happen.

Rose Hattenbarger: Okay. All right. Okay. Okay!

Wade Kinsella: Whoa. Whoa. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, Tom Long is totally choking over there.

Wanda: What if you...

Tom Long: I know.

Wade Kinsella: Hey, we have a chance to actually win this thing. Uh, I just- I need to go get a Phillips Head screwdriver. I'll be, I'll be right back. Okay? Hold on. I'll be right back!

Lemon Breeland: George, where are you going?

George Tucker: Tell the judges we're out. Our rod's broken. We can't win now.

Lemon Breeland: Hey. Don't you quit on me, George Tucker. You may not love me right now, but I have enough love for the both of us. Enough love to get us through this until you can learn to forgive me and love me again, all right? All right, I'm not finished with you, George. And I'm willing to do anything that it takes to win you back.

Zoe Hart: Now. Tell him now. Crap. George! Hey.

George Tucker: Hey.

Zoe Hart: Look, here's the thing. I lied before. I don't want to be just friends. I joined this race to fight for you.

George Tucker: Zoe...

Zoe Hart: I know. I know it's such bad timing, but I want you to know that I'll wait for you. I'll wait, no matter how long it takes. Just please don't get back with Lemon. 'Cause, George...

Brick Breeland: Lemon! Honey, what are you doing up there? Come on down.

George Tucker: Lemon, come on, get down from there- you're gonna break your neck!

Lemon Breeland: No! I'm not giving up on us, George! I'm gonna get that fish and we're gonna win this race!

Zoe Hart: Wade!

Wade Kinsella: Fifty screws and bolts all over the grass- we're never gonna win now.

Zoe Hart: Let me help you.

Wade Kinsella: No, just stop, okay? Just stop! Forget about it. There's no point, okay? There's no point, it's over. And thank you for costing me $5,000. Thank you for that.

Zoe Hart: Wade. I-I'm so sorry.

Wade Kinsella: I cannot believe...that I didn't see this from the beginning. You never wanted to help me. The only thing you wanted was what you always do. Him. And you are so obsessed with getting what you want, you don't care who you hurt along the way. Well, let me tell you something, Zoe Hart, George Tucker and Lemon Breeland are getting married. That is how this story ends. Why does everyone in this town see that but you?

George Tucker: Lemon, come on, get down from there. You're starting to give people a scare. Lemon! Lemon!

Lemon Breeland: George...I'm gonna fall.

George Tucker: No, Lemon, listen to me, you're not gonna fall.

Lemon Breeland: I think I'm gonna fall.

George Tucker: Just- just slide back towards the roof, okay? Just-just one step at a time; you can do this.

Lemon Breeland: I can't move, George! I can't move.

George Tucker: Okay. Okay, Lemon, you stay right there, you hang on. I'm-I'm coming! I'm coming!

Lemon Breeland: Hurry, George! George, hurry, please! Hurry!

[Scene shifts to Old Babcock Pond.]

Frederick Dean: You know, most people don't know it, but you actually catch better fish at night. Particularly spotted bass. And, spotted bass like to eat worms-

Rose Hattenbarger: Oh, my gosh. Frederick, I thought we were on a date.

Frederick Dean: We are. Right?

Rose Hattenbarger: Then why are we talking about fish and worms?

Frederick Dean: I-I thought you liked science, and...I wanted you to know I respect you, as a woman. I didn't want you to think I just wanted to take you out here to kiss you or something.

Rose Hattenbarger: But we're on a date, and I've been sitting here all night with a stomachache waiting for you to kiss me.

Frederick Dean: Really?

Rose Hattenbarger: Yeah!

[Scene shifts back to Bluebell Battle.]

George Tucker: Okay, Lemon, I'm here. I'm here. Okay.

Lemon Breeland: George...

George Tucker: All right, Lemon, I'm right here. You feel my hand? Okay.

Lemon Breeland: Okay.

George Tucker: One step at a time. Just slide this way.

Lemon Breeland: Oh, God...

George Tucker: Right in here. All right.

Lemon Breeland: Oh, God...

George Tucker: Come on. Come on.

Lemon Breeand: George, the fish.

Brick Breeland: He's going...he's going for the fish.

Lemon Breeland: George? Come on... okay.

[Scene shifts to Rammer Jammer.]

Peter Mayfair: So, I hear the race was pretty interesting.

George Tucker: Yeah. Okay. There might still be something between us. Maybe. I...

Peter Mayfair: Look, George. Lemon made a mistake, and she's gonna continue to make them, as will you. So I ask you, now, when you saw her up on that roof, what were you thinking?

George Tucker: I was just thinking, uh...'Please, God, do not let anything happen to her'. Because if something did, then...

Tom Long: I'm sorry I let you down. I choked. I'm a choking hazard.

Wanda: You didn't let me down, Tom. I didn't care about the race. I just wanted to be with you.

Tom Long: Really?

Wanda: Yes, really! I think you're wonderful, Tom Long.

[Scene shifts to Mayor's Plantation.]

Tansy Kinsella: Hey.

Lavon Hayes: Hey.

Tansy Kinsella: I just wanted to thank you for everything tonight. say goodbye. I'm not gonna be hanging out in Bluebell anymore.

Lavon Hayes: Wha...really?

Tansy Kinsella: Come on, Lavon, I know why Wade canceled on me. It's my fault. I'm the one who suggested Wade ask Zoe to be his partner. I think I did it to see how he felt about her. I know.

Lavon Hayes: Well, Tans, I have suffered the same ailment- wanting someone who simply is not good for me. But I can help you. Okay?

Tansy Kinsella:

Lavon Hayes: Make a list of every reason you and Wade should not be together. All right?

Tansy Kinsella: Okay. "Emotionally unavailable, rigid and icy, doesn't like to cuddle..."

Lavon Hayes: Oh, oh...sorry. That's mine. Yeah. There. Go on, purge away.

Tansy Kinsella: Okay. One, insensitive.

Lavon Hayes: Good.

Tansy Kinsella: Two, bad taste in movies.

Lavon Hayes: That's a good one. Yeah, I'm gonna add that one to my list.

Tansy Kinsella: Okay. Three, immature.

Lavon Hayes: Hey, Wade. You okay?

Wade Kinsella: Tansy, I am so sorry I cancelled on you. Hey, what are you all writing?

Tansy Kinsella: A list of your negative qualities. Gonna help me get over you once and for all. Twelve, your bathroom is disgusting.

Lavon Hayes: Mm.

Tansy Kinsella: Thirteen, your socks are everywhere!

Wade Kinsella: Hey, that's just 'cause I have a hard time finding the right match. Now hold on...this is mean.

Lavon Hayes: Yeah, but it really works.

Tansy Kinsella: Yeah.

Wade Kinsella: Give me a notebook.

Lavon Hayes: Well, all right. Let's get this purging party started.

Wade Kinsella: Selfish. Stupid shorts.

[Scene shifts to the carriage house.]

George Tucker: Hey.

Zoe Hart: Hey.

George Tucker: Can I...?

Zoe Hart: Sure.

George Tucker: Uh. Zoe, look...

Zoe Hart: You don't have to say it. I know. I saw. You're getting back together with Lemon.

George Tucker: Yeah, and I know it probably seems insane-

Zoe Hart:'s fine. You made your choice.

George Tucker: It's just that, um, Lemon...she's a part of me. And we owe it to each other to try and make this thing work.

Zoe Hart: Because you love her?

George Tucker: That's the thing. I do.

[Scene shifts to Mayor's Plantation.]

Zoe Hart: It's horrible, Lavon! Oh, hey, Tansy. Wade, I am so sorry.

Lavon Hayes: Zoe, I'm sorry, we're right in the middle of something. Now, I told you how he felt, and I told you not to mess with him. Couldn't have been more clear. You can't be here right now.

[Phone rings.]

Zoe Hart: Brick, is everything okay?

[Scene shifts to Town Square.]

Zoe Hart: Hey.

Brick Breeland: Hey. Apparently she was in the woods with Frederick, she complained of a stomachache, and then she collapsed. He carried her all the way back here.

Zoe Hart: Her appendix?

Brick Breeland: Yeah, Zoe, it burst.

Zoe Hart: Oh, my God. Rose, Annie, I'm here.

Annie Hattenbarger: Oh, no, you are not coming with us. I knew I shouldn't have let her go on that date with this boy tonight. You said she would be fine!

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