The Very Good Bagel
Season Four, Episode Three
Air date January 23, 2015
Written by Kendall Sand
Directed by Richard W. Abramitis
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The Curling Iron
Red Dye #40

The Very Good Bagel is the 3rd episode of Season Four and thus 69th overall of Hart of Dixie.


Wade wants to talk to Zoe about their future, but she keeps avoiding him. He decides that he needs to do something grand to show her that he's serious about still wanting to get back together and Earl suggests that he propose. With some prompting from the people around her, Zoe agrees to another dinner date, but bails and goes on a sudden trip to New York when she catches wind about the proposal. Wade ends up chasing her to the city, where he has a heartfelt talk with her mother, Candice. Wade and Zoe later reconcile. Meanwhile, Lemon is furious over the truth about Henry getting leaked to the press, which she doesn't know was George and Lavon's fault. She decides to take Crickett and Annabeth back to George's old lake house to relive the good old days. Problems arise and George and Lavon are called over. When Lavon drops Annabeth off at her house, she drunkenly blurts out that she's still in love with him. However, the next morning, George decides that he's no longer in love with Lemon and decides to push her towards Lavon instead, leaving Lavon, Lemon, and Annabeth in a very complicated situation.


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The Very Good Bagel

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