Tom Long
Tom Long
Multiple Jobs: including:
Owner of the Long Alpaca's, driver of the Blue-Ber, Volunteer Fire-fighter, party clown, clerk at Bluebell Stop & Shop

Wanda Wife
Froda Long Daughter
Betsy Maynard Mother In Law

Wally Maynard Uncle (by marriage)
Portrayed by
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Tom Long is a 'Bluebeller' often seen in the Rammer Jammer. For months he was smitten with Bluebell newcomer Dr. Zoe Hart, though she repeatedly deflected his advanced and told him he was too young for her (The Crush & The Crossbow).

Because of his attraction to her, Zoe singles Tom out at the last minute to help reach her thirty percent quota in order to keep her half of the practice (though Tom ultimately only does so under Zoe's threat of telling his mother about his attempted bribe to get Zoe to flash him) (The Pirate & The Practice).

Blog[edit | edit source]

Tom maintains a poetry blog- The Tom Long and Short of It, that is featured on the Bluebell Website (of which many poems are dedicated to Zoe Hart).

Relationships[edit | edit source]


Tom married Wanda in the the local church. The wedding was Lord of the Rings/Star Wars themed (Where I Lead Me) Wanda and Tom

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Tom was delivered by Dr. Brick Breeland. (The Pirate & The Practice)
  • Tom formerly lived in his mother's basement, where he has an intricate, expansive hamster trail set up, because according to him "Hamsters live to run, no different than an antelope or cheetah" (Snowflakes & Soulmates).
  • Tom is an avid World of Warcraft player, and has a fierce rivalry with a player called 'JarJar88388'. (It's because of his gaming habit he maintains a dial-up connection, in case of power outages.) (Snowflakes & Soulmates)
  • Tom sings in the church choir. (Snowflakes & Soulmates)
  • Tom's favorite song is "Islands in the Stream" (The Gambler)
  • Tom is afraid of horses (The Gambler)
  • Proposed to Wanda (The Gambler)
  • Tom believes in waiting until marriage to have sex, and he successfully abstained until his wedding night. (If It Makes You Happy and Where I Lead Me )
  • Tom married Wanda in the the local church. The wedding was Lord of the Rings/Star Wars themed (Where I Lead Me)
  • Tom says that he and Wanda have to kiss three times a day, even during flu-season (Lovesick Blues)
  • Him and his wife Wanda announced that they were expecting their first child together (Second Chance)
  • He and Wanda own multiple animals including a kid goat and several Alpacas.
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