The Turtle Derby is an annual event that's been held by the Junior League in Bluebell, Alabama since 1991, and raises money for ecological purposes. It was dreamed up by Delia Anne Lee, whose turtle Margaret Mitchell Lee won the race for at least 18 years because other contestants threw it for her.

2011 - 20th Annual Turtle Derby

When Nascar driver Brian Vickers dropped out, the 2011 Turtle Derby was hosted by Mayor Lavon Hayes and Lemon Breeland, which is initially strange to their previous relationship, but both are able to manage through it but not without Lavon asking for them to "still be friends, and work together more" and being denied by Lemon.

Turtle contesters entered in the race included Delia Anne Lee's Margaret Mitchell Lee, Lavon Hayes' Slow Bob, Turtlelini, Snappy, Prince Caspian and Shelly Long, Boxy the Box Turtle, Tortoise d'Force. (The Crush & The Crossbow)

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