Vivian Wilkes
Vivian Wilkes
Bluebell, Alabama


Unnamed university (formerly/graduated)
Harley II (son)

Charles (husband)
Winnie Wilkes (sister)
Brando Wilkes (paternal grandfather)
Margaret-May Wilkes (grandmother)
Claire Wilkes † (grandmother)
Charles (husband)
Zoe Hart (cousin)
Unnamed Cousin Hart-Kinsella
Jacob Wilkes † (uncle or father)
Maureen Wilkes (aunt or mother)
Harley Wilkes † (great uncle)
Claire Wilkes † (great aunt)
Winifred Wilkes (great aunt)
Olin (adoptive uncle/biological cousin)
Guy † (grandfather/step grandfather

Cedric (Pet)
Portrayed by
Lauren Bittner
First Appeared
Last Appeared
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Vivian Wilkes is a single mother who first is introduced to the series in Season 3. She meets Zoe Hart at a family party. At first she is unaware of Zoe's true identity; given Zoe tells her she is a manager named Chloe. Later however she is acknowledged of the truth by Zoe. She lashes out on Zoe for not knowing the importance of family and doesn't want her to be apart of the Wilkes. (Family Tradition) She has a son named Harley Wilkes, whom presumably was named after her uncle. She shortly dates Wade Kinsella in Season 3.


  • Known as Zoe's cousin
  • Vivian teaches the 4th grade
  • Son: Harley Wilkes. (Miracles)
  • Vivian knows Wade from school
  • Vivian can rollerskate backwards
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