This is the relationship between Earl Kinsella, Wade Kinsella, and Jesse Kinsella.

Season OneEdit

'Crazy' Earl Kinsella is the Bluebell town drunk. It is unclear so far what became of his wife, though Earl seems to have been left alone with his boys for a large part of their lives. It is possible this may have something to do with his tendency toward excessive drinking, which largely impacted his relationship with his children. He has two sons; Wade Kinsella , who often provides his father with money for food and clothes, and has expressed a desire for his father to be able to 'stand on his own two feet', and Jesse Kinsella, who joined the US military and no longer lives in Bluebell , though he still thinks of his father (even buying him a car for his birthday).

The two Kinsella boys don't get along well- Wade harbors resentment toward his brother because Jesse left and got out of town while Wade felt a responsibility to stay, because someone had to take care of their father, and because Jesse still doesn't seem to clearly think through his actions. Jesse once bought Earl a car for his birthday, much to Wade 's disgust, because it is always Wade who has to take away his drunken father's keys for his own safety. Wade also frequently provides Earl with money for food and clothes, wishes his father could 'stand on his own two feet' and is forced to sing down from the roof of Nate's Hardware each month when he cashes his government check and gets drunk, threatening to jump off the building, which he does each month without fail

It has also been indicated that Earl didn't necessarily do right by his sons while they were growing up, and their relationship is clearly strained. However, Earl clearly cares what his sons think- to the point where he was going to sell his land that he so adamantly wanted to leave to his boys because Wade wanted him to be able 'to stand on his own two feet for once'. Also, each month when he climbs, drunk, to the roof of the hardware store and threatens to jump, Wade is the only one able to get him down safely.

In fact, unbeknownst to his two boys, Earl has been saving a great deal of money stored in mason jars he buries in his yard- likely for his boys' sake.



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