Wanda Long
Wanda Long neé Lewis
Waitress at the Rammer Jammer
former Shampoo Girl at Mane Street Beauty Salon

Betsy Maynard - Mother
Wally Marynard Uncle
Tom Long - Husband
Froda Long - Daughter

Joyce - Stepmother
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Wanda Long (neé Lewis) works at the Rammer Jammer as a waitress.

Wanda worked as a shampoo girl for Susie at the Mane Street Beauty Salon. She had been dating her boyfriend Chase Cobb, now in the navy, since they were fourteen, and contracted syphilis from him. To make money, though she doesn't have a license, she sometimes did piercings on the side (which is how she spread syphilis to the Reverend Peter Mayfair and his wife Beverly Mayfair).

She later met Tom Long, and they got married, and have recently had their first child together, a daughter named Froda.


Wanda became engaged to Tom Long (The Gambler), and the two were later married (Where I Lead Me). See Wanda and Tom.

Wanda is the niece of Mr. Maynard, who she assisted with the cocktail contest and 30th anniversary party at his restaurant and bar, the Rammer Jammer.


  • She and Tom Long have a daughter named Froda, presumably named after the main character, Frodo Baggins, of The Lord of the Rings saga. (Second Chance)
  • She and Tom own a number of animal including a goat and several alpaca's.
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