Tom Long: You're like the girl of my dreams and the girl I made on my computer all rolled into one.

The relationship between Wanda and Tom Long.

Wanda is played by Mallory Moye and Tom is played by Ross Phillips.

Season OneEdit

Tom and Wanda began to spend more time around one another while working on preparing the set for Dash DeWitt's 2012 Spring Revue, 'Gilbert and South-ivan'. While helping, Wanda became so distracted by her attraction to Tom she accidentally injured herself while hammering and had to see a doctor, where Zoe Hart encouraged her to pursue the relationship.

The two later participated in the Bluebell Battle together, and out-performed nearly all the other groups, only losing the last event.


Season OneEdit

Zoe Hart: Well, it's not broken, just a bad bruise. You are lucky.
Wanda: I got distracted while I was hammering. I know I should've been looking at what I was doing, it's just...I kinda have a crush on someone.
Zoe Hart: Anyone I know?
Zoe Hart: Tom Long? You have a crush on Tom Long?
Wanda: Who wouldn't? He's sweet and funny and handsome and good to his mama. He's just so shy.
(Destiny & Denial)

Wanda: Tom and I can fill in! Oh, he can sing. He's in the choir. We can do it!
Tom Long: ...what?
Wanda: Come on, Tom! Seize the day!
Tom Long: Okay, we can do it.
(Destiny & Denial)

Tom Long: It was incredible. Up there on that stage with Wanda, it felt like everything was right. It felt like, uh, destiny.
Wade Kinsella: Destiny, huh?
Tom Long: "I've been pining away for Zoe Hart for so long, I nearly missed Wanda."
(Destiny & Denial)

Wanda: I like your sweater, Tom. The puppies really bring out your eyes.
Tom Long: That's why my mom got it for me.
Wanda: I was wondering, would you be my partner for the Bluebell Battle?
Tom Long: Yes. Yes. Yes.
Wanda: Great. I'll see you then.
Tansy Kinsella: Bye.
Tom Long: Did you hear that? That's our first date!
Wade Kinsella: Yeah. I heard.
Tom Long: I am never washing this sweater again!
(The Race & The Relationship)

Tom Long: You're like the girl of my dreams and the girl I made on my computer all rolled into one. (The Race & The Relationship)

Wanda: You didn't let me down, Tom. I didn't care about the race. I just wanted to be with you.
Tom Long: Really?
Wanda: Yes, really! I think you're wonderful, Tom Long. (The Race & The Relationship)


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