The seventh entry on The Tom Long and Short of It, featured on the Bluebell Website.

Zoe Hart, Master of the ArtEdit

by Tom Long

My heart, it beats like no heart has before,
For she, who’s vowed to cure our beating hearts.
To properly express I cannot start,
Though oft I fear she sees me as a bore!
Zoe Hart, you master of the art
Of curing when all hope is on the floor!
If only I could knock upon your door—
Instead I sit here staring at eye charts.
One day I’ll be the man to catch your eye.
Perhaps a lawyer in a sexy suit.
I’ll move to New York City—what a hoot!
Mayhap I’ll work the ‘ceps both bi and tri?
Don’t know if I can turn myself a brute…
For now I’ll secretly fix your wi-fi.

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