The relationship between Zoe Hart and Tom Long.

Season OneEdit

Tom was smitten with Zoe from their very first meeting at the Rammer Jammer, where he inquired as to whether or not she was looking for a boyfriend. Despite his efforts to make his availability known to Zoe - as well as his poetry blog featured on the Bluebell town website, The Tom Long and Short of It , where his poems are frequently dedicated to his love for Zoe - she continually dodged his advances, insisting he was simply too young for her.

Zoe later uses his attraction to her to recruit him as a patient in order to reach her thirty percent quota to hang on to her half of the medical practice.


Tom Long: "It's just so great to finally see you in action! Doing your doctor thing."

Zoe Hart: "Just stocking the shelves."

Tom Long: "Well, you're doing it super-awesomely."
(Aliens & Aliases)

Tom Long: "I've been pining away for Zoe Hart for so long, I nearly missed Wanda."
(Destiny & Denial)

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